John Cena Out Four to Six Weeks After Elbow Surgery

By Riley Schmitt

John Cena is the biggest star in wrestling and that will not change anytime soon. However, he won’t be in the ring for at least four weeks as the star had surgery to remove bone chips from his elbow on Tuesday. At most, the action will keep him out for six weeks.

There is a Pay Per View event coming in just 40 days, so it is unclear if Cena will be back to resume his feud with CM Punk. The surgery comes at an odd time, since the feud is still growing. It must be a pretty bad issue for him to have the surgery now. It would make sense for an injury explanation to pop up early next week in order to give Punk something to do.

As much as some people hate Cena, there is no changing the fact that he draws. He sells merchandise like no other and his charity work can not be topped by anyone else. As long as he is in the company, he will have a ton of support from people and he will make money. That is simply how the business works.

We will see him back sooner rather than later. He hates missing time, so I expect the four weeks to be closer than the six weeks. He will be back and wrestling in no time. The feud should pick up with Punk and it has actually been pretty good. Hopefully this does not sidetrack it.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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