Is The Sun Finally Setting For Beth Phoenix?

By Maurice D. Proffit


At one time the WWE Divas division was one of the most feared and undesired divisions to be a part of, knowing that not matter what achievements are attained in the division, you always had one set of eyes on you. One set of eyes that would treat you like a beetle crossing an unforgiving highway. One set of eyes on you that wouldn’t have any regard for your “pretty little nose”. One set of eyes, that could only be appropriately attached to whom they named “The Glamazon“. I am talking about Beth Phoenix.

Since May 2006, Beth Phoenix has made one of the biggest and most impactful impressions in the history of the WWE and rumors have it that this week, Beth has tended her resignation from World Wrestling Entertainment.

Exact reasons are not 100% known as to why Phoenix may be departing from the company. However, management does feel that she has just been “going through the motions” for over the past year. With a pretty thinning Divas division, you can see where the Glamazon may be coming from. Also, reports indicate that she has been spending a lot of quality time in North Carolina with her real life boyfriend Adam Copeland or as many would know his as, “Edge”.

Beth has had a very impressive career being a WWE Diva, winning both the WWE Women’s Championship and also the WWE Divas Championship.

Lately, her force of in ring work has taken a back seat to some of the other Divas, as there has been more of a concentration of propelling Divas such as Kaitlyn and Layla. Much of the WWE Universe was disappointed in the fact that we never got to see an epic encounter between The Glamazon Beth Phoenix facing Kharma in the ring one on one.

No word as of yet what exactly Beth will do, if this rumor is indeed accurate. She has a world of options ahead of her, so she wont be at a loss. We will keep up on her progress and keep you posted here at Rant Sports.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports.


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