And In The Main Event: WWE Monday Night Raw vs ESPN Monday Night Football

By Maurice D. Proffit


Last night, the 9/24 WWE Monday Night Raw drew a 2.72 cable rating with an average of 3.79 million viewers. The first hour drew 3.78 million, the second hour drew 3.99 million and the third hour drew 3.60 million. This is down from the 2.9 rating the show drew last week with 4.1 million viewers.

It is the lowest rating for the show since moving to three hours on 7/23 and is the lowest non-holiday rating for the show all year.

Even with Monday Night Raw being 3 hours in length, the show will hurt a great deal when its going up against ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Last night was the Green Bay Packers vs the Seattle Seahawks (In what may go down as one of the most controversial football games in NFL history). This game started at 8:30 pm  est/7:30pm cst, starting 30 min into an already running Raw.

Traditionally the fall and post Wrestlemania is a significant down time for WWE ratings. For the fall, Raw is going up against Monday Night Football and the spring you’re encountering end of semesters, proms, and the weather gets warmer so people are outside instead of inside.

But it is noteworthy that this is the lowest non-holiday Raw for the show all year. If I can critique just a second, I have to ask, what is happening on Raw that is drawing me to watch (or not drawing me at all)? I’m actually one of those fans that is thoroughly enjoying the John Cena vs CM Punk feud, but personally, I don’t need to be sold on it, when I know I’m going to invest the time to watch them on the PPV.

Besides that, what exactly on Raw is drawing me to the television. This question could be the common denominator with many fans as there seems to be a lack of originality that is being pumped out of the WWE machine lately.

Next Monday Night is the Chicago Bears vs he Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football, in the New Dallas Cowboys Stadium. To ALL football fans, this is an instant classic and must see TV. And once again this conflict may present a chance that the numbers may be low once again next week for Raw. Only time will tell, because numbers never lie.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports

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