WWE Rumors: Will John Cena Compete at Hell In A Cell?

By Andrew Fisher

Will he or won’t he? Some reports say John Cena will be out six weeks, while other have him out only two. Cena himself says that he will do anything possible to be in action on October 28th at Hell in a Cell.

As a WWE fan, all I can say is, I hope so.

The John Cena/CM Punk feud is easily the best thing going in wrestling right now. These guys are the real top stars in the company and a lot of pride is on the line during this feud.

As good as this current feud has been, it’s one that needs to go to the next level. That level is often a “Hell In A Cell” type of match, a match that really raises the bar for both competitors.

But with Cena’s legitimate elbow injury, how good of a match can they really have? And can Cena even compete at all?

Personally I’m 100% sure Cena will wrestle, and about 85% sure the match will be a good one. Will it be as good of a match if Cena wasn’t coming off surgery? No, but a good match none the less.

What this means is that CM Punk will be the one to take the big bumps. You could kind of see foreshadowing of this last week on Raw when Mic Foley called out Punk, saying that he needs one more big moment.

I couldn’t agree more with Foley on this one. Punk is a top guy, and a wrestler who will go down in history, but he hasn’t hit that next level of stardom. An epic HIAC match could be something that pushes him toward that top tier of superstars.

Going back to Cena though, you have to truly respect his dedication to the business, and hope that he can make it to the PPV in four weeks. It’s the only chance the event has to be a memorable one.

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