D.I.V.A.S = Division Is Vividly Apparently Slim

By Maurice D. Proffit


This week was a very buzz worthy week for the WWE Divas division. First the news broke out that it is a high possibility that Beth Phoenix will not be resigning with the WWE next month when her contract is up. In addition, Eve is looking to step away from the WWE for quite some time as well, as she is getting married (her departure, may be more temporary than anything). And as the word broke through the wire on friday, Kelly Kelly was officially released from the WWE.

As stated earlier, Eve’s rumored soon to be departure is due to her wedding nuptials happening very soon. Beth Phoenix rumored to be leaving to take time away from the WWE travel and spend more time with her real life boyfriend, Adam Copeland (AKA: Edge) who is going to be recovering from surgery very soon. Kelly Kelly is leaving to pursue more modeling and acting opportunities outside of the WWE. Kelly Kelly released this statement

Had an amazing six years with WWE, made great friends and have the most loyal and amazing fans in the world. Thanks for the never ending support. Have exciting things in the words. Can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned.

“Stay tuned”? Stay tuned to what? The next time we see her run the ropes? I’ve always been very critical of Kelly Kelly because she has been in the WWE since the summer of 2006, and her work rate never did improve. At the time when she came in, she was surrounded by many of talent, past and present who were very well skilled in the ring. Lita was still in the WWE at the time, Mickey James was there, even Trish Stratus. In addition, she was on ECW and had the likes of Francine and Buelah as roster mates as well. Granted, many of them were not there for too long, but she had outlets to improve on her craft. And holding a WWE roster spot for 6 years and the only thing that you can show us is that you know how to do a head scissors spin and run the ropes is totally unacceptable.

Where is the WWE Divas division going? I will admit that a lot of wind was taken out of the sail when Kharma announced her pregnancy, as that series of her destroying a Diva each week was definitely must see TV. But since then , the division has seem to have delayered considerably. Not too much is going to be left as far as talent is concerned. And yes, the WWE doesn’t have to worry about having enough to choose from in terms of Divas talent, because there’s a modeling book at every talent agency in the country (since this is the WWE‘s way of getting women wrestlers, as if there is no such thing as an all female wrestling promotion *cough*Shimmer*cough*cough).

I understand that Sara Del Rey should be making her official WWE debut very soon and it will be a nice breath of fresh air to see a high caliber female wrestler in the WWE, who brings a significant amount of ring work to the ring. But who will she match up against?  As I write this, I cant even pin point whom that Diva would be. Leyla has improved some, but not dominate enough. WWE tends to lose focus on creating new stars and new talent at times. And when they are on the hot seat with a situation, is when they react. The Divas division proves this to be, because as of right now, they must put forth a consertive effort to revamp and bring some reconstruction to that division, if they want it to be respected like it once was. WWE, I would highly consider giving Dave Prazak (the founder of Shimmer Wrestling) a call.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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