WWE Rumors: Future Plans for Ryback

By Andrew Fisher

In just a few short weeks, Ryback has gone from getting a match with the Intercontinental champion to interjecting himself into the main event storyline with CM Punk.

Two weeks ago he had a stare down with Punk as Raw went off the air, but it was rumored to just be a last minute write-in and that WWE just wanted to see what kind of reaction it received.

To people like me, it was a what the hell? type of reaction. Then the following week, Ryback came to the defense of Jim Ross and made Punk leave the ring.


At this point, it doesn’t seem like the creative staff has any plans to discontinue Ryback’s involvement in the Punk storyline, but he could just be acting as a fill-in for John Cena as he recovers from elbow surgery.

Personally I’m hoping they back off Ryback’s push. It’s too soon to make him a main-eventer. Clearly that’s where he’s headed, but I hope that this is in fact just a test to see where he’s at.

So what does the future hold for Ryback?

The craziest rumor I’ve heard so far is a Wrestlemania showdown with the Undertaker.

Talk about a big leap. Ryback is only weeks removed from beating up jobbers in 2 on 1 handicap matches. He has in-ring potential, but he’s nowhere near ready to take on the Dead Man on the grandest stage of them all.

Of course the reason this is a rumor is because it could be a streak vs. streak match, assuming they keep Ryback undefeated.

While there are far worse matches for the Undertaker, I’m not sure this is the right one.

Hopefully WWE doesn’t rush Ryback’s development. There’s no question he has a ton of potential, but he’s a guy who must be managed the correct way. Right now he’s just a bully who has a couple tag lines, but with a proper wrestling education, there’s no doubt this guy could be in a high profile Wrestlemania match soon.

I can’t help but think of Ryback as a next generation Goldberg. We all hear the chants, but they’re getting less and less prevalent. Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being the next Bill Goldberg. With the right guys calling the shots for Ryback, he could be way better than Goldberg ever was.

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