Brian Gewirtz Removed From Role As Head Writer Of Raw

By Riley Schmitt

Brian Gewirtz has been the head writer for Monday Night Raw for ten years. The show has fallen on hard times so changes have been made. Gerwitz is no longer the lead writer and has been moved into the role of a consultant. This is a clear step down and a sign of things to come.

Brian Gewirtz after a decade plus was removed as head writer of Raw.  He will still stay under contract as a consultant to whomever will replace him.  Gewirtz was also the Senior Vice President of Creative Writing for the WWE.

It was said that Vince McMahon was extremely angry today and that most backstage were scared.  Vince was reported to have told the producers today, “I want results or I want resignations.”

Expect more changes to come soon.  The boss is not happy and ratings have been in the tank lately.  There have been some storylines that could lead to something down the road but something is clearly missing with the show.  I think the big issue involves the show being three hours long but they will not change that due to money reasons.

If there is one guy who should be booking the show, it is Paul Heyman.  The man is already involved in the company again.  Give him the book and let him work his magic.  It might take some time to fix the issues but a guy like Heyman can get the ship turned around.  Wrestling is sinking fast but I think he could save it.


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