The Hammer Crashes Down On Brian Gewirtz Due To Low Raw Ratings

By Maurice D. Proffit



Earlier today, a report was released regarding the status of a long time WWE Executive.

Today we found out that Vince McMahon removed Bryan Gewirtz from his position as the Senior Vice President of Creative Writing today following a consecutive trend of low rated episodes of Monday Night Raw. Gewirtz will continue to stay on as a consultant for WWE, providing feedback on WWE shows. It is also believed McMahon has come under increasing pressure from TV executives to make immediate changes to increase ratings.

Gewirtz was immediately sent home when he arrived at Raw in Sacramento, Calif. A number of sources are reporting that WWE cannot release him without buying him out of his contract thus the reason why he is being kept on in a consultant role.

Now, I’m sure you are asking, who replaces Gewirtz? Regarding his replacement, Eric Pankowski, who was hired in February as the Senior Vice President for Creative and Development, has been hired in place of Gewirtz.

Monday Night Raw has set a very impressive bar at a height that not many shows, especially on cable, don’t necessarily reach. It makes me ask, who has more control over Monday Night Raw? Vince McMahon or The USA Network? USA is the reason why, before Raw went to 3 hours full time, why Raw would have to have a certain number of 3 hour shows per year. Eventually graduating to 3 hours full time, while attaining the 3.7 ratings that is expected of Monday Night Raw.

With Raw’s ratings being some of the lowest rated television in Raw history, WWE had to set a drastic example of them attempting to go in the right direction to fix the wrong. Their answer to this was to demote the man that has been with the company for 14 years and has a hand in most of the creative success that Monday Night Raw has attained. USA doesn’t have a vested interest in the legacy of Gerwitz, so seeing him as the sacrificial lamb would only make the television executives smile.

That smile alone capitalizes the work that Gerwitz has done for the company. On top of that, to add insult to injury, Gerwitz was replaces by a man who has been with the company for 9 months. How can you compare? I will never know.

Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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