Were CM Punk's Actions Too Much, Or Justified Self-Defense?

By Maurice D. Proffit



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Last night on the 10/08/2012 edition of Monday Night Raw, we see the show end not only with a pretty “Attitude Era” like match between The WWE Champion CM Punk vs the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. But in addition to this, we catch a split second glace of CM Punk in the middle of the audience backhanding (stiff) a fan. (Click video link below to see)


CM Punk Attacks Fan Live On Raw


At the end of the main event, which was a “Street Fight” between Punk and McMahon, Punk tried to retreat to the ringside area after Ryback came to the ring to assist McMahon. But John Cena would have something to say about that as he threw Punk back into the ring.

Ryback attempted his back drop finisher, however, Punk retreated, grabbed the WWE Championship and escaped through through the crowd. While in the middle of the crowd, McMahon was addressing Punk regarding his upcoming match at Hell In a Cell. During this promo, you can clearly see that there isn’t any security around Punk while he is in the crowd, thus putting the champion directly among fans (let me remind you he’s a heel).

You then see, what looks like Punk aggressively pulling his arm away from a fan, so it can be assumed that he was grabbed. Camera cuts back to McMahon and then back to Punk, where you clearly see him throw a vicious back elbow with his right arm to a fan behind him and then proceeds to still grab him. What the fan did to provoke this is unknown, obviously what he did was off camera, but the camera did catch Punk attacking the fan.

I know some people are questioning if this is a work (storyline) or no, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. Lets point pout the reality.

There were no security guards anywhere around the area. In fact, security did not come until after the fact. When I went to Money In the Bank 2011 In Chicago, my seat was literally, right at the exit when Punk exited through the crowd with the WWE championship. My wife and I had a feeling something was happening, because half the night, security was prepping that exit, so it could go smooth.

Why was this neglected last night? Especially since Punk is such a hated heel at this moment too. You would think that there would be better preparation. In addition, people tend to forget that WWE wrestlers are people as well. They react like any normal human being would. So if Punk was provoked physically by this fan, or if this fan tried taking the WWE championship, Punk reacted like any of us would react, so how can he hold him at fault for having a natural reaction kick in?

Not sure what the ramifications will be due to this stunt. as reported yesterday, a long time WWE writer was demoted (made an example out of) to appease the likes of USA executives. Now with the final stretch of Linda McMahon‘s senate race campaign, this could be easy fuel for her opponent to use against her.

Could Punk be the sacrificial lamb to help the image of the WWE right now? Unfortunately, it may be a high possibility, especially with Vince watching the entire ordeal take place. If so, there may be a change of plans for WWE Hell In a Cell.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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