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Sex, Lies And Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape


Tonight is Thursday Oct 11th 2012, this means we are 3 days away from Bound For Glory, TNA‘s marquee pay per view. Bound For Glory is the grand stage of a culmination of all of the hard-work and the dramatic story-lines that have progressed throughout the entire year. Bound For Glory is the platform where wrestlers go from being ring athletes to legends. This is the precedence that TNA has created for us, the fans to buy into the spectacle named Bound For Glory…


The problem that I have with this “Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape” is his media tour he is on where is he trying his hardest to clear his name and how disgusted he is that this tape was leaked by some internet hacker.

Just to bring everyone up to speed, a sex tape was made years ago of Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea cheating on his then wife “Linda Bollea” with a woman who is now the wife of his friend and radio host Bubba The Love Sponge. This was during a time when both Hulk and Linda were having an endless amount of problems with their marriage and their family, great chance it was during the tapings of his reality show “Hogan Knows Best”.

The reason why i have a problem with Hogan’s media tour is due to the fact that he is playing victim when in reality HE IS THE PERPETRATOR. Now granted, that last statement is not confirmed, but Hogan, love him or not, is a media manipulator. I use “manipulator” in a good way, because Hogan knows the ins and outs of knowing how to keep himself relevant and he keeps himself consistently being a household name. But in the name of “any buzz, is good buzz”, the man who was once known for telling us to “Say Our Prayers, Take Our Vitamins and Believe In Ourselves” is now known for pulling a Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian move to keep his name warm.

I have yet to hear about details on an investigation, any suspects, any word from law enforcement on how this may’ve taken place. But what I keep hearing is how “disgusted” he is about this happening. Yes Hogan, we’re all disgusted, but what else is disgusting how little of mass media attention that your company, TNA, is receiving for the Bound For Glory PPV this Sunday.

BFG may be the element that is being used to have this media tour happening, but the only thing that comes about is this sex tape. Granted, the news outlets do have final say in regards to what gets aired and written, but it almost seems that the sex tape is keeping your tour as hot as it is. Which makes me ask, did Hulk Hogan purposely leak his own sex tape (6 year old sex tape for that matter) strategically around this time, so this way Bound For Glory can be “promoted”? Or so “Hogan” can be promoted? I’m guessing the latter.

This year TNA showed a tremendous amount of promise and it had a very impressive upswing this summer. The development of Bobby Roode and Bully Ray has kept us tuning in. Austin Aires championship victory at Destination X may be the greatest moment of the year for TNA. TNA’s direction of giving us a different product by introducing us to “Gut Check” and “Open Fight Night” on weekly live broadcast.

In addition the strong buzz of Aces of 8 and their unique connection to them being introduced to the audience simultaneously through live TV and twitter. But if you really want to topple over the Jenga tower, you take all of the solid work that has been done this year to build TNA into a credible wrestling company and gain the respect of many of your fans who have given up on you, you allow Hulk Hogan to parade around a 6 year old Sex Tape so he can keep his name in peoples mouths and continue to make TNA the public’s after thought.

Very ridiculous.

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Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports