The Nature Boy Ric Flair's Infleuence On The Hottest Hip Hop Album In The World.

By Maurice D. Proffit


Who would have ever thought that even in 2012, 40 years after his professional wrestling debut, The Nature Boy Ric Flair would not only be a legend in wrestling but also one of the most notable figures in today’s pop culture?

Was it due to Flair being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008? No. Was it due to his inner workings and teachings to the talent of TNA Impact Wrestling recently? No. Was it due to him winning an additional world championship to add to his 16 World Heavyweight Championships? No. This renewed fame comes from a young rapper, who is a part of Kanye West’s GOOD Music label, by the name of Pusha T.

Pusha T is one of the hottest rappers in the hip hop industry today; since he was re introduced to the world by Rap heavyweight Kanye West. Their album “G0od Music; Cruel Summer” was released a few weeks ago and has been critical acclaimed, by selling over 200,000 copies in the first week of release.

Pusha T is very open about him being a lifetime fan of professional wrestling. Pusha says he’s been a fan of Flair since the National Wrestling Association days in the 1980s. One of Flair’s patented boast worthy interviews is used at the top of “What Dreams Are Made Of.” music video


“What Dreams Are Made Of” Pusha T feat. Ric Flair

The snippet from at the top of the song comes from this legendary promo from World Championship Wrestling

Slick Ric (Ric Flair Promo)


Pusha explains in an interview with XXL Magazine:

“I loved pro wrestling. I was a fan of Dusty Rhodes. My dad sat me down and was like ‘Yo, why you like him? Look at him! He has that big tumor on him. He looks disgusting. You supposed to like [Flair].’ I was like, ‘Why dad? He’s the bad guy.’ My dad said ‘who’s cleaner? Who’s fresher?’ Essentially he was saying ‘You don’t wanna muse Dusty Rhodes buddy.’ Ever since then I have been a Ric Flair fanatic.”

Ric Flair actually has taken a liking to Pusha T’s mentions of him and even has gone on record to joke about reaching out to him to work out the royalties owed to him. However, with both men in the entertainment business, its easy to see how professional wrestling masculinity and hip hop bravado can go hand in hand together.

Who knows? Maybe Pusha will convince The Nature Boy to spit 16 bars.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer With Rant Sports

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