Bound For Glory 2012 Was The PPV That Reached The Glory

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Tonight TNA presented its 8th Annual Bound For Glory ppv. For those that may not know, Bound for Glory is TNA’s marquee annual pay per view, treated as (for a better vision) the way how WWE treats Wrestlemania. With that bit of understanding then you know, going into this Pay Per View, this card is expected to be a solid show.

Just a small events recap of the matches:


RVD vs Zema Ion for the X-Division Championship

Winner: RVD (New Champion)

Very surprised with this victory as Ion is one of the members in the lump sum of TNA stars that are being groomed to be the future of the company. But this could be the start of a solid last run for Mr. Thursday Night.


Magnus vs Samoa Joe for the TNA World Television Championship

Winner: Samoa Joe

This was a good clash of two different (yet similar) styles in bringing ups hard hitting smart wrestling. Nothing over the top about this match, except for tough lasting hits. Joe, deservedly, wins the match and retains the title


Joey Ryan vs Al Snow

Winner: Joey Ryan

As predicted earlier here on Rant Sports, this would be your teacher vs student, “example” match of how solid wrestling should be. A good story was told in this match as Snow attempted to humble Ryan and Ryan had something to prove. In the end it would be Ryan getting the victory with the help of Matt Morgan? More is to come with this angle.


Bobby Roode vs James Storm in a Street Fight

Winner: Cowboy James Storm

This was without a doubt one of the highlights of the night. If you like late 1990’s WWF Attitude Era “No DQ” matches, this was your flavor as this match had just about everything. Blood, weapons, destruction, violence. Even special ring enforcer, Bellator Fighter “King Mo” even was impressed. But in the end Cowboy would have the last say over his former tag team partner.


Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero and Kaz and Daniels for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

Winner: Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero (new champs)

Another match, which literally kept you on the edge of your seat. The excitement level of this match was through the roof as all 6 men, gave us a tremendous amount of athleticism in the match. Kudos to AJ for having custom made tights and gloves in honor and recognition for Breast Cancer Awareness. TNA gets triple threat tag matches right, because all wrestlers go at it. Hernandez and Chavo would pull the upset and win the straps.


Tara vs Miss Tessmacher for the TNA Knockout Championship

Winner: Tara (New Champion)

This match really was a night and day difference in terms of skill level. Tara just out matched her tremendously in the ring and she would go on to win the title. Thank goodness Taryn Terrell was reffing the match. After the match, Tara would reveal her “Hollywood Boyfriend” and it is Jesse from Season 10 of Big Brother on CBS. I am a major Big Brother fan, and I remember hearing he signed with TNA but that was a year ago. Its going to be interesting to see what he does. But he is overly obnoxious.


Sting (Hall of Famer) and Bully Ray vs Aces of 8’s In a Street Fight

Winner: Aces of 8’s

This would be another hard hitting match, where we really get a good look into how the group holds their own against top talent, and held their own they did. they would hand cuff Joseph Parks at ringside, but later in the match he would escape. But the numbers were too much for Sting and Bully as the Aces would get the pinfall victory after putting Bully through a table. However, the kicker of the match would come afterwards when Hogan would come down and aid his friends and in the process, Hogan would grab a member of the core group and unmasked him…It was Brother Devon!!! Wow!


Main Event

Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Winner: Jeff Hardy

An outstanding match overall and both men brought everything to the table in this one. Aries’s aggression in this contest was controlled, but at the same time very long lasting. Earlier today, I stated that this match would be either  the continuation of Arie’s rise as a dominate force in the main event picture of this would be the ultimate reach of glory for Hardy. The name of the ppv is only appropriate for the ending of this match as Hardy once again is at the top of the mountain as world champion. This is not the end of these two and I for sure cannot wait to see what else they have for us.


Great Pay Per View Overall. For the last month TNA went back into a slight lull due to a lack of story line depth and some angles being stretched too much. But tonight we received closure and some fresh new directions as well. This is the kind of show that makes you itch for the next televised event, and I am one of those who have the itch. Well played TNA.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports.



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