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Bound For Glory Is Set Up To Be On For The Ages

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We have finally reached the catalyst and the mecca for TNA Impact Wrestling. Tonight is the premier and biggest pay per view of the year, of which every wrestler on the roster has worked so hard and put forth a concentrated effort on. Tonight is the 8th Annual TNA Bound For Glory Pay Per View live from Phoenix Arizona.

Going into this PPV, this is the final piece of the puzzle, regarding the 2012 Bound For Glory, Championship series to crown the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. In this case, we would see that it would be Jeff Hardy and he will face the World Champion Austin Aries in a one on one match.

Tonight’s Card is a stacked one, and this show should go down as a solid program. In addition to the action, we will see TNA’s first Hall of Fame entrant and Sting will take the stage. He was inducted last night and tonight he will be introduced to us as a hall of famer.


Joey Ryan vs Al Snow

Summary: Joey Ryan was introduced to the TNA audience earlier this year as a TNA Gut Check “contender”, who was vying for a spot on the TNA roster. When being evaluated by the judges, Ryan’s votes were split and Al Snow would be the tie breaker. But Al wouldn’t feel that this time would be right for him and did not approve of him being signed. Ryan was livid from his decision and went on a tirade on twitter and at live events against Al Snow. Due to this, Al had enough of and challenges Ryan to a one on one match. Snow is excellent when it comes to working with young talent to smooth out their ring craft, so working with Snow, Ryan has a great advantage as a future star in TNA. Overall, these two should give us a very solid match.

Winner: This is about the future. Joey Ryan takes the victory



TNA Knockouts Championship

Tara vs Miss Tessmacher (champion)

Summary: This is the quintessential example of teacher vs student. Tara took Tessmacher under her wing quite sometime ago, and became a strong duo female force in the knockouts division. However, after a while, a rift was created between the two and Tara decided to go on her own without Tess. In doing this, Tara feels the only choice is left is to once and for all show Tara who really is the top Knockout.

Winner: Miss Tessmacher



X-Division Championship

RVD vs Zema Ion (champion)

Zema Ion has been on a tear lately as he has been a dangerous figure in the X-Division, however he will be tested tremendously by one of the all time mid card greats, Rob Van Dam.

Winner: Zema Ion. A victory for him would be absolutely perfect for his cocky character.



TNA World Television Championship

Magnus vs Samoa Joe (champion)

These men are former Tag Team Champions with each other and had a very brutal energy among each other as they would extend a great amount of pain and out-skill their opponents on a night in to night out basis. However, due to the rising tension between the two, it was only evident that eventually the two would go one on one. With Joe winning the Television title, tension was at an all time height. Magnus would love to prove that he is a singles force to be reckon with. However, Joe wants to establish that his dominance, that he had at one time, has yet to go anywhere.

Winner: Magnus (New Champion). I feel this could be the beginning of a new direction with him.



Street Fight

Bobby Roode vs Cowboy James Storm

Former tag team partners, former tag team champions, Beer Money look to finalize their year long feud at the event that set the spark of the dynamite last year. Storm was the man that Roode defeated to win the World Title,and held it until dropping it to Aries at Destination X. However, when Roode was unable to get his belt back  on several occasions, his feud with Storm was revised as they are both looking to settle this score once and for all.

Winner: Cowboy James Storm



World Tag Team Championship

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero vs Christopher Daniels and Kazirian (champions)

This feud has a tremendous amount of under layers to it, as AJ has been in a constant back and forth battle with both Daniels and Kaz. After they tried to destroy his family life with hiring the woman who claimed she was carrying his kid, Angle joined the mix in aid of AJ, bringing heat to all participants. However, Hernandez and Chavo have taken issue as they feel they are deserving at a shot at the tag belts. This will be their opportunity, as well as Kurt and AJ to finally de-throne Kaz and Daniels.

Winner: Daniels and Kaz. There really isn’t a reason for Angel and AJ to win, and I don’t necessarily buy the chemistry of Chavo and Hernandez.




Aces of 8′s vs Sting and Bully Ray

This match is going to be all shenanigans. The Aces of 8′s had a hot summer storyline with their odd and unknown invasion of TNA. We know very little of this group except that they are a bunch of biker thugs holding a vendetta against the TNA roster. Since Hogan was unable to compete in this match along side with Sting, Bully Ray stepped up to the plate to help Sting, despite his differences with the heads of TNA he wants to get his hands on the gang to potentially took him out.  But who is the man (or woman) behind the Aces of 8′s? Who has the kind of power, money and influence to aid the gang? We could find out tonight.

Winner: Aces of 8′s. This angle is too young to die.



The Main Event

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries (champion)

Aries has been an impressive champion since winning the world title back at the early summer when he defeated Bobby Roode. Austin is not the kind of champion who repositions himself to a larger standard, and believes he is bigger than the rest of the roster. Aries has been deep in the trenches with the rest of the roster, competition wise. But he will have an extensive test as he will face the charismatic enigma Jeff hardy. This will be Hardys first title match since his infamous loss at Victory Road 2011 when he dropped the title to Sting in 90 sec, after TNA management deemed him as “unable to compete”. Now Hardy has been clean and sober and has worked his way back up the championship ranks. One of two things will happen in this match, either Aries will continue to be the successful fighting champion he is or this will be the ultimate reach for glory as Hardy will finally redeem himself.


Winner: Austin Aries. TNA is much more prosperous with Aries as their champion. But Hardy will put on a helluva match.


Maurice D. Proffit Is a Writer For Rant Sports