WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Will be at Hell in a Cell

By Andrew Fisher

With the recent announcement that CM Punk will defend the WWE title at Hell in Cell against Ryback, rumors have started to fly that Brock Lesnar may get involved in the match.

This is one of the only logical conclusions, as it’s too early to have Ryback involved in a title match. Clearly he’s only in the match as a result of John Cena‘s elbow surgery…

It only makes sense that they keep the belt on Punk, while keeping Ryback undefeated at the same time, but how to do that in a no disqualification match? A likely answer would be to have Lesnar take out Ryback before the match begins.

Either way, it seems a Punk/Lesnar team is looming, both being Paul Heyman guys. I called for this weeks ago, as it’s likely they will team-up at Survivor Series to face Cena and now Ryback, if that’s the direction creative takes.

WWE could go real old school and put together a whole team of Heyman guys vs. company guys in a traditional Survivor Series match if they wanted to as well. I certainly wouldn’t complain.

One way or another Punk and Lesnar must join forces in the near future. There’s too much potential there to not capitalize, and on the other hand with Ryback, he would undoubtedly benefit from working with Cena. It’s a win-win situation.

If Lesnar doesn’t get involved at Hell in a Cell, I will be really surprised. It’s the perfect time to bring him back, and for the company to cash in on another large pay-per-view buy rate as a result.

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