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The 10 Most Brutal Hell In A Cell Matches In WWE History

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The Hell In A Cell

Satans Structure
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Next week, the WWE will be presenting its 4th Annual "Hell In A Cell" pay per view live on pay per view on October 28th 2012, coming to us from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA. The "Hell in a Cell" match has proven to us all that the match itself lives up to its name as it shows that it is one of the most dangerous and demonic structures ever assembled. Being influenced by the idea of "WCW War Games" steel cage, the Hell In A Cell made its WWE debut in 1997 when Shawn Michaels faced The Undertaker at Bad Blood 97. When the match was being advertised, fans didn't know what to expect, as the assumption was that it was going to be just a normal cage match. However, weeks leading into Bad Blood, we were told, by both Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross, that this match was "unlike anything we've ever seen". The night of the pay per view during the "WWF Free For All", the cell was hanging above the ring, however the cameras for the Free For All purposely did NOT show the cell, thus elevating the mystery of what the "Hell In A Cell" actually is. The camera would cut over to the "Free For All" commentators and their facial expressions were worth a thousand words as they could not keep their eyes off the structure. The moment the pay per view started, the Cell was revealed and that's when we all realized, this was NOT a normal cage match. The Hell In A Cell match has left a dominating legacy of destruction behind in its path and has given us some of the most brutal moments in WWE history, and this Sunday should be no exception. This list is the top 10 Best Hell In A Cell matches in WWE History. Enjoy the carnage. Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports

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#10.) Randy Orton vs John Cena

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Oct 4th 2009: Hell In A Cell. This match was for the WWE Championship in which Orton takes Cena to the limit and walks out with the WWE Championship

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#9.) Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

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June 13th 2004: WWE Bad Blood. Triple H and Shawn Michaels (at this time) former best friends as they fought in the gates of hell. Triple H would prevail.

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#8.) The Undertaker vs Triple H

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April 1st 2012 Wrestlemania XXVIII: In what would be the most anticipated rematch in 2012, the two men who would be the "Lord of the Cell" went head to head. In the end, the Phenom would be the soul man on that throne.

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#7.) Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock vs Triple H vs The Undertaker vs Rakishi: 6-Man Hell in a Cell Match

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Dec 10th 2000 Armageddon. Vince McMahon called this match "An Investors Nightmare" as he tried stopping it from happening, but the show went on as 6 of the biggest names in wrestling walked through the depths of hell for the WWF Championship. It would be Kurt Angle to be the overall winner.

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#6.) Kevin-Nash vs Triple H

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June 15th 2003: WWE Bad Blood. Former Best Friends; Better Bitter Enemies. These two would create a blood bath in the middle of the ring as Nash would leave nothing to get his hands on the World Title. Triple H would escape with a shred of his life and retain the World Title.

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#5.) Chris Jericho vs Triple H

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May 19th 2002: Judgment Day. Jericho showed why he was a legitimate contender with being one of the "top guys" as he showed amazing effort against The Game. Triple H would leave as victor.

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#4.) Triple H vs Cactus Jack

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Feb 27th 2000: WWE No Way Out. Triple H would defend the WWF Championship against Cactus Jack in what was to be Mick Foley's "Retirement Match". From every weapon that you can imagine, including a barbed wire bat lit on fire, Triple H was still able to come out victorious in this match.

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#3.) Shawn Michaels vs-The Undertaker

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Oct 5th 1997: WWF Bad Blood. This would be the first Hell in a Cell Match, which would be more than appropriate for Shawn and Taker to settle their score (at the time). Shawn would go on to win the match that ushered in brutality into the WWF.

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#2.) Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker

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October 20th 2002 : WWE No Mercy. Arguably the most hard hitting and painful to watch Hell In A Cell against two giants of the WWE. Brock would go on to win and continue his dominance as he retains the WWE Championship.

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#1.) The Undertaker vs Mankind

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June 28th 1998: WWF King of the Ring. The most recognizable and storied Hell in a Cell match in all of WWE history. The Undertaker closed a two year feud on Mankind as he threw him off the top of the cage, choke-slammed him through the cage roof and turned him into a human pin cushion via thousands of thumb tacks. The Undertaker would take the victory and Mankind will be forever known as indestructible.