CM Punk vs Ryback Is Leaving Experts Wondering, How Do You Finish This Match?

By Maurice D. Proffit

This Sunday is the 4th annual WWE Hell In A Cell PPV, emulating from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hell In a Cell has proven to be one of the most anticipated Pay-Per-Views of the year, giving its rich history of violence. The main event of the show is a one-on-one match for the WWE Championship. WWE Champion CM Punk will defend the title against the #1 Contender Ryback.

Since Ryback’s spring debut, he has been on a  complete war path of destruction as he has raised a lot of hell (no pun intended) within the WWE by taking out various competitors and making short work of them in the ring. For the most part, Ryback has been booked against many local “jobbers” at WWE live events and shows, so fans have been anticipating the match where he will stand across the ring from a legitimate competitor. CM Punk is a fulfilling challenge. However, according to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is having a tremendous amount of difficulty when it comes to the booking of this match, regarding how to finish it. Creative doesn’t want to:

– Beat Ryback
– Book a DQ finish
– Change the WWE title before Royal Rumble
– End the show with a screwjob
– End the show with Sheamus vs. Big Show

I can understand the difficulty. The last option is not an option at all, no reason for discussion. You don’t want Punk to pin Ryback, since he is a new top star now and he cannot look weak. Im not even sure where in the world a “DQ” would even fit in when it comes to a Hell In A Cell match. Personally, I feel it would be an immediate fail to put the belt on Ryback now, because his “slow” (according to WWE standards) build up would’ve all been for nothing at all. Never really been the biggest fan of a screwjob, but at least this would keep the story going and keep it warm for a while into Survivor Series.

I would be accepting of seeing Punk coward his way out of this. Ryback just gives him a beatdown that he’ll never forget, but Punk still remains unbeatable as he cannot be pinned. But when it looks like Ryback is inches away from a title win, Punk escapes and gets out of dodge. This puts heat on Punk, keeps the WWE title on him, and makes Ryback look like an unstoppable force. It may be a bit cliche but I think it would be fitting for the story.

The main idea is to not take the WWE title off of Punk just yet. This also protects my Royal Rumble prediction that The Rock will win the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble and Punk will face Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania. So for right now, use this opportunity to build up Punk’s heat and make Ryback into a star.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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