To Be A WWE Diva; No Wrestling Experience Is Nessesary...Nor Wanted!

By Maurice D. Proffit
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A report from PWInsider was released today announcing that WWE is issuing a “Casting Breakdown”, seeking young inspiring women to become future WWE Divas.

The statement released by the WWE stated that they were in search of women between the ages of 18-30 with “charismatic personalities, beautiful faces and great bodies.” The statement did highlight that being a WWE Diva will grant you a great range of experience in the entertainment world, television opportunities, a solid (and faithful) fan base and world wide traveling experience.

Not sure if this is to be a WWE Diva or your typical casting call to be on the next season of  “Americas Next Top Model” when it comes to those requirements. Notice that no where in the requirements mentioned the interest of candidates having any in ring experience. Or for that matter just knowledge or even a liking for professional wrestling all together.

It is without a doubt that the new talent that have been coming into the WWE are not the kind of talent that were on our television screens in yester-year. WWE has made it very clear that they have moved beyond being in the “wrestling” business and now are in the “entertainment” business. Their stance is painfully obvious in their cattle call released today.

Vince McMahon was one quoted by saying, “I’d rather teach a woman model to wrestle instead of a woman wrestler to model”. But would it truly hurt to bring in talented and beautiful women who can still work a match with little issues? Wouldn’t it be in the WWE’s better interest to have a much more dignified women’s division of women who have honed in on their craft in Japan, Mexico, AAW and/or Shimmer? MMA has been given a great deal of credit in terms of bringing in talented women fighters who have earned the respect of a male dominated audience. Does WWE NOT want that kind of respect or notoriety from their fan base? Or is it ok to continue to parade women around in the ring with very small helpings of talent, which make their segment of Raw and/or Smackdown! unwatchable?


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Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports


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