WWE Rumors: How Will Ryback vs. CM Punk End?

By Andrew Fisher

Who would have thought that the main event of Hell in a Cell would generate as much buzz as it has. Normally a forgettable pay-per-view, HIAC this year has wrestling fans very intrigued.

With John Cena‘s elbow surgery, Ryback is the next man up to get a shot at CM Punk. While on the surface it seems like a main event that’s been thrown together, it’s actually more intriguing than another Cena/Punk match would have been.

Now, I’m certainly not saying it will be a better match because it won’t be. Ryback is far from polished in the ring, but he’s good enough to get by working with the great in-ring talent that is Punk. I’m confident these two will put on an entertaining match, but the obvious question for wrestling fans everywhere, how will WWE decide to book the ending?

There’s one side of the coin, where people are arguing for a Ryback squash of Punk where he beats him clean within a few minutes; and there’s the other side where people believe that Punk cannot win, but must still retain the title.

I side with the latter, but what’s the best way to go about booking it?

The best move for business would be Brock Lesnar interference. A scenario where Lesnar interferes and takes out Ryback, while Punk cowardly escapes the Cell is the best solution, in my opinion.

This scenario is a win-win. First of all, you keep Ryback technically undefeated. Secondly, you get cheap heel heat on Punk for walking away from the match. Thirdly, you bring back the hugely popular Lesnar to align him with Punk and Paul Heyman, and potentially set up a feud with Cena and Ryback.

Who knows what WWE’s plan for next month’s Survivor Series is, but a tag team match involving these four guys would make for a interesting bout, and it’s something they can easily set up with Lesnar and Cena getting involved at HIAC.

No matter the outcome on Sunday, I just don’t see Punk losing the belt. He seems to have a looming date with The Rock at Royal Rumble, and it’s doubtful WWE will alter those plans by putting the belt on a very green Ryback.

It’s too early for a Ryback title run, but that just might be the swerve WWE will throw the fan’s way, as the Lesnar interference is almost becoming too predictable…


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