Hell In A Cell Lived Up To Its Name...With The Exception Of The Main Event.

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy Of WWE.com

Tonight was the 4th annual Hell In A Cell PPV taking and showed once again of the solid product that WWE has continued to showcase.

Overall, the PPV itself told a good story regarding Paul Heyman petitioning to cancel the Hell In A Cell match between Punk and Ryback. This is shades of WWF Armegeddon 2000 when Vince McMahon was trying to convince the WWF Board of Directors that the 6 Pack Hell In A Cell Match should be cancelled. Heyman’s justification of this is his concern for Ryback’s safety being in this match against the champion. A classic heel move, gotta love this. The combination of this petitioning and the question of the finish of the match brought a good deal of intrigue to the show and made it much anticipated.


A solid PPV nevertheless. Below are the results

Randy Orton def Alberto Del Rio
Team Hell No def Rhodes Scholar to retain the WWE Tag Team Champions
Kofi Kingston def The Miz to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Antonio Cesar def Justin Gabriel to retain the WWE US Championship
Mysterio/Sin Car def Prime Time Players
The Big Show def Sheamus to Win The World Heavyweight Championship
Eve Torres def Kaitlyn and Layla to retain the WWE Divas Championship
CM Punk def Ryback to retain the WWE Championship


To go over a few highlights, the mid card told some compelling stories tonight and the match between The Miz and Kofi Kingston for the WWE Intercontinental Championship proved this so. Kofi retains the title with his “Trouble In Paradise” kick to get the pinfall victory. This match helped the move the meter a bit when it comes to the credibility of the IC title. The IC title is a good fit for Kofi as he can match up with a variety of different talent in the WWE. In addition to this, the rivalry between Kofi and Miz is going to go down as one of the best in IC title history.

In a surprise bonus match of the night, Antonio Cesaro  defended his WWE United States Championship against Justin Gabriel. Cesaro won the match via his finishing move, “The Neutralizer”. This was an unadvertised match for the ppv, but a gem indeed. Some great back and forth action between the two and Gabriel reminded the ppv television audience pf how smooth Gabriels moves come across. In addition to this, this match elevated the known skill-set that Antonio possess. Great match overall.

The World Title Match between Sheamus vs Big Show reminded me of the rivalry between former WWF Champion Big Daddy Cool Diesel and Sid Vicious. That match was built up as “The battle of the master of the powerbombs” and the question at hand was, who had the better power bomb? We see this again as this match’s build up consisted of who’s finisher was much more dangerous? The Broughe Kick or the Knockout Punch? Similar to that rivalry from 1995, this match was complete brutality. We we given every move from both men’s move-set. We saw the choke slam, the White Noise, The Knockout Punch and the Broughe Kick. We’ve never seen anyone kick out from the Knockout Punk nor the Broughe Kick, but we saw it tonight, with both men accomplishing that. It took the 2nd Knockout by The Big Show in order to take out Sheamus and for the Giant to become a two time World Heavyweight Champion.

The Show closed with the WWE Championship on the line as CM Punk defended his Championship against the #1 contender and challenger, Ryback. We were reminded that this would be the 15th anniversary of Hell In A Cell being introduced to the WWE, the 26th Hell In A Cell match overall.  CM Punk would win the match due to a screwjob by the ref. Ryback had Punk in his finisher and the ref gave Ryback a low blow and a fast count. Needless to say Ryback brutalized the ref. I guess the WWE is still tipping its hat to the NFL replacement refs fiasco. The match overall, on a scale from 1-10 was 4. Ryback just did not look like he should’ve been in the match in the first place. The match could’ve just been a No DQ match as we did see a kendo stick, steel chair and steps used, but for it to have been a cell match was quite pointless. The after effects of the match was much more entertaining than the match itself. As we say Ryback give Shell Shock to Punk on the top of the cage. Ryback is still quite green in a main event slot since we really didn’t see anything new or special from his abilities. I give Punk much credit as he did a great job making Ryback look menacing, but he can only do so much.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports

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