Hell In A Cell Tonight Could Be One For The History Books

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy Of WWE.com

Tonight is the 4th annual WWE Hell In A Cell PPV, emulating live from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The build up for this PPV has been considerably interesting, due to the fact that this is the first PPV, where John Cena was NOT headlining in the main event, since last year’s WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV. As one main eventer is out, we see a superstar fill in the challenger role as a first time main eventer. The headlining main event for the tonight is for the WWE Championship as Ryback challenges the WWE Champion CM Punk, in what it looks to be the sole Hell In A Cell match of tonight’s PPV.

This is one of those matches where if booked well, it will be very beneficial to both wrestlers. This is a major opportunity for Ryback to make himself into a main event player. Yes, tonight will be a tremendous amount of pressure on him, but utilizing this opportunity to show why you should be in the rotation and discussion of the main event will only be good for him in the long term. Making this third gimmick of his in his WWE career well worth the hard work.

Regarding the result, I do believe that CM Punk will leave the Phillips Arena still the WWE champion. As reported last week, the finish seems to be a bit foggy for this match. I cant see Ryback getting pinned but in addition, Ryback will not win the title tonight (ironically, that will be detrimental to his career). I still think the result of this match will be  a “No Contest” as Punk will weasel himself out of the match at the end. Leaving Ryback strong and hungry for more.


My Predictions For Tonight:


– Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio

(Winner: Del Rio. Del Rio needs a new spark for himself and for his career. Smackdown needs to re-establish top talent, now that the end of the year is nearing and the wrestlemania march will start in January. Orton can afford to lose this match.


-Team Hell No vs Team Rhoads Scholar (For the WWE Tag Team Championships)

(Winner: Team Hell No. Rhodes Scholar needs more development. I don’t think they have enough heat to be taken serious as a legitimate team. The dynamic that they currently have with Kane and Bryan is pretty hot and doesn’t need to be cooled.


-Kofi Kingston vs The Miz (For the WWE Intercontinental Championship)

(Winner: Kofi Kingston. The IC title is a must for Kofi right now. From an image stand point, he is the man that you want leading the mid card. Plus, Miz is on the road to bigger and better with the WWE.  Should be a good match.)


Sheamus vs The Big Show (For The World Heavyweight Championship)

(Winner: Sheamus. Sheamus will hold this belt until Wrestlemania, I feel. Tonight will just be another reminder of why he is the World Champion as he will be the one to completely lay out The Big Show.)


Eve vs Layla vs Kaitlyn (For the WWE Divas Championship)

(Winner: Eve. With a very thin and transparent Divas roster, there isn’t any reason to play hot potato with the Divas title. Expect Eve to get an unexpected win via the assist of Layla.)


CM Punk vs Ryback (For the WWE Championship in a Hell In A Cell match)

(Winner: No Contest. There isnt any reason as to why Ryback should win the title tonight. In addition, Punk needs to be the champion going into 2013. Punk holding the title going into Survivor Series is groundbreaking (holding the WWE title for one year) and is the added element to his already existing character. The best result is for this match to not have a winner.


Tune into WWE Hell In A Cell tonight at 8pm est/7pm cst, live on Pay Per View.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer With Rant Sports.


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