The Life and Legacy of Brad Armstrong 1961-2012

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Earlier today, we received a report from that Brad Armstrong passed away.

WWE is sadden to learn of the passing of Brad Armstrong, 51, on of four sons of “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. Brad Armstrong last participated in the ring for the ECW brand in 2006. WWE understand that Brad saw his physician last week for a medical issue and was found unresponsive this morning. WWE extends it sincerest condolence to the entire Armstrong family.

For those that remember Brad Armstrong, he was a solid fixture in the old WCW days where he started out as a masked member of the Fabulous Freebirds in 1991. Later on Brad went on to another masked man gimmick, as he played the infamous “Arachnaman”. this gimmick was pay a homage to the “Spiderman” character. While in WCW Brad went on to win the 6 man tag team championship and the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship. In addition, Bob went on to wrestle for Smokey Mountain Wrestling to win their top title. Bob would later return to WCW in 1999 and was involved in a variety of different gimmicks until his contract expired in 2001, along with the company getting purchased by The World Wrestling Federation.

In September of 2006, Brad was hired on by the WWE to work some of the house shows for the ECW brand and as a trainer. In addition, Brad was being groomed to be the next color commentator next to Joey Styles and rumors started to circulate about Taz leaving the company. The WWE tried a 3 man commentary booth to ease Brad in, but the job seemed a bit out of league, so he bowed out and remained with the company as a producer.

We remember seeing Brad last on WWE television when himself and his brothers were live to induct their father “Bullet” Bob Armstrong in the 2012 WWE Hall Of Fame.

The Armstrong family is an absolute legendary family, starting with the father, head patriarch “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. As you may’ve figured out Brad is the brother of “The Road Dogg” Jesse James (Brian Armstrong) along with Scott Armstrong (WWE Ref) and Steve Armstrong. Brad leaves behind a very respected and appreciated history among fans. And personally as man who remembers watching Brad Armstrong in the ring when I was growing up, this loss today is especially hard.

On behalf of myself and the rest of the Rant Sports Staff, we wish our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Brad Armstrong.


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