Linda McMahon Loses Bid For Senate Again

By Riley Schmitt

Linda McMahon has had her heart set on being a member of the US Senate for some reason. The wife of Vince McMahon has spent a lot of time and money on her campaign, but she has once again came up empty in her pursuit of a seat. This could have some major implications for pro wrestling.

As much as some people try to deny it, McMahon running for Senate had a huge impact on what we see on TV.  There have been shifts to something that is more proper, if you get what I mean.  Some think that this is the sole reason that blood and violence have vanished from the product.

I can say this, though.  Just because Linda will not be in the Senate, this does not mean the Attitude Era is going to be coming back.  There is a reason that blood and violence have vanished from the product.  If you can tell a good enough story, those aspects become less important.  Plus, the company wants wrestlers to have long careers.  Once you start mixing blood and potentially dangerous situations, you run into some issues.

I will boldly say that there will be a shift in the product after this.  It will remain PG on television, but expect some more edginess to return.  I do not think McMahon will run for Senate again, considering it has sucked some much of the family assets away.  However, stranger things have happened.



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