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Once Again, The State Of Connecticut Has Made Their Decision On Linda McMahon

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We have just learned that Democrat Chris Murphy has defeated Linda McMahon; CEO of WWE in the senate race in Connecticut.

Murphy wins the race 64% to McMahon’s 35%

This would not be the first time when Linda has ran for the state’s senate seat. In 2012, Linda McMahon lost to Connecticut Attorney General Dem. Richard Blumenthal in a much closer race. Linda would end up with 43%R of the votes to Blumenthal’s 53% of the votes. As mentioned earlier, Linda’s loss this time was via a much larger scale.

In 2012 Linda would use 50 million dollars to fund her campaign, while Blumenthal, who is a career politician, would use $6 million of his own money to fund his campaign. At the time, combined, the two had the most expensive congressional race in the country.

McMahon tried to use her personal investment to her advantage, promising voters in many ads that doing so would allow her to focus on her constituents, “not the special interests who corrupt so many career politicians from Hartford to Washington.”

Linda, who is the wife of chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon, was instrumental in taking the WWE in a different direction during the run of her campaign. WWE is known for having a more “in your face” product, but for the majority of 2012, the product has been toned down, and much more media friendly in hopes to elevate Linda to her end goal of winning the senate seat in Connecticut. Connecticut, which for the most part is a democratic state, thought the opposite obviously.

It will be interesting to see what not only Linda McMahon’s but what the WWE’s next move will be. Stay tuned.


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports.