JBL Signs Full Time WWE Contract

By Damian Seeto
JBL commentating full time
Image from WWE.com

John “Bradshaw” Layfield has announced on his official Facebook page that he has now signed a full time contract with the WWE.

He posted the following announcement:

“Very happy WWE and I have worked out a deal for me to return on a full time basis. There came a need when my friend Jerry Lawler had a heart attack and was not able to work, however, I realized how much I enjoyed being back and this was the basis for my decision to return.”

From this point forward, JBL and Josh Matthews will commentate Smackdown tapings each week. JBL previously commentated on a full time basis a few years ago, before leaving the company altogether in 2009.

Once Jerry “The King” Lawler returns, he will resume commentating duties with Michael Cole on Raw shows. For PPV events, JBL, Cole and Lawler will all commentate as a three-man team. There’s no word yet where this will leave Jim Ross

This will come as good news for some fans. Many people were sick of hearing Cole’s voice twice a week. Not to mention JBL adds a lot more humor to the commentating table and is not afraid to speak his mind.

JBL initially left the commentator table because he was unhappy with the way Vince McMahon was yelling things in his ear all of the time. It appears now that things are now water under the bridge and the two sides have reached an agreement.

Personally, having JBL back in the company is a good thing. The former WWE Champion is able to play a “heel” character really well and will help promote the many new “bad guy” wrestlers that are wrestling for the company right now. This is something that has been sorely lacking as of late due to his absence.

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