Why The Survivor Series Main Event Was Changed

By Damian Seeto
Team Foley vs Team Punk At Survivor Series
Image from WWE.com

Last week on RAW, it was announced that the main event for Survivor Series would be Team Foley vs Team Punk in a five man tag team elimination match. This week however, the main event was suddenly changed and it is now CM Punk defending the WWE title against Ryback and John Cena in a triple threat match. Why did the WWE make the sudden change?

It has been reported that the company wasn’t impressed with the amount of buzz the original main event generated. As I mentioned on another post, the triple threat match was a good decision because both Cena and Ryback are hungry for another shot at CM Punk’s title.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the PPV buyrate for last month’s Hell in a Cell was surprisingly strong. This is why they decided to give Ryback have a second chance at CM Punk with the title. Not to mention, tag-team main events for PPV events have no been as successful as they have been in the past.

In the original match, some of the team members have been altered dramatically as a direct result of the last minute change. Shockingly, The Miz quit CM Punk’s team because he was unhappy with his leadership. This poses an interesting situation as this could mean that The Miz is turning into a babyface for the first time in his career. It might be beneficial for The Miz to change his character since his current gimmick has gotten stale. The Miz was replaced by Wade Barrett while CM Punk himself was replaced by Dolph Ziggler.

Since Ryback will be competing in the triple threat match, he will be unable to wrestle on Team Foley. All of the other members of the team members have remained intact, but Foley will need to find a suitable replacement for Ryback. It will be very interesting to see who he eventually chooses to be on his team. I would like to see Foley himself compete in the match, since we haven’t seen the “Hardcore Legend” wrestle in a WWE ring in over six years. If he cannot wrestle, other good candidates include Rey Mysterio, Brodus Clay or even Zack Ryder.

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