Wrestlemania 30 Venue, Just May Have You, Marching In

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy Of moviefancentral.com

Rumors, opinions, gossip and suggestions have been running rampant for years now among the fans of the WWE as to the location/venue for Wrestlemania 30. Since Wrestlemania 23, the annual WWE tradition has always been held at stadiums and with this being the 30th anniversary of the WWE’s marquee show, it would only be fitting to hold this show in the largest indoor stadium in the world, Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, TX.

With that being said, if you have already started to plan out your trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you may want to put all of that on hold, as it is being reported that the plans to have Wrestlemania 30 in Dallas are no more.

Due to a scheduling conflict, the show will not be held. Since Wrestlemania always falls on the weekend of the NCAA Final Four/ NCAA Finals, this would be the safest bet to assume that the NCAA has already reserved that stadium for their marquee event.

Since this will not happen for the WWE, plans have already been put into motion of having Wrestlemania 30 at the Superdome in New Orleans, LA, home of the New Orleans Saints.

This actually wouldn’t be loss for the WWE, since they will hold their biggest show in the heart of the home of Mardi Gras, very tourist friendly, appropriate to take advantage of vacation and much to do. With these options to take into consideration, you see why this would be a great advantage to the city overall, financially.

The officially word will be announced in the beginning of 2013 leading into Wrestlemania 29. This is a heavy rumor, but really should be taken seriously.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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