WWE Rumors: Jack Swagger Asks For His WWE Release?

By Damian Seeto
Jack Swagger posing in WWE ring

The latest WWE rumor is that Jack Swagger asked to be released from the company according to a tweet made from a parody Vince McMahon twitter account.

The parody account is @CrankyVince, but it’s not a regular parody account on twitter. The account has drawn attention in the past due to sensitive information that is often leaked from the account. They have yet to find out who runs the account, but it’s likely someone from inside the WWE that is responsible.

The latest tweet from the account posted the following:


— Cranky Vince (@CrankyVince) November 4, 2012

This information might be a rumor, although it’s not a piece of information that isn’t likely to happen. Swagger was brought in to the WWE a few years ago by Jim Ross and was groomed to be one of its biggest and brightest stars.

He won the ECW title just a few months after his debut and continued to impress officials. It wasn’t long until the company gave him that extra push that allowed him to win the World Heavyweight Championship in 2010.

Ironically, it was his World Heavyweight Championship title run that was Swagger’s ultimate downfall. His promos were poor, his matches were average and Smackdown ratings were tanking when he was champion. WWE decided to strip him of the title as a result of this…

Ever since Swagger was kicked out of the main event picture, it appeared as if he became unmotivated and disappointed about his position in the company from that point forward.

WWE kept Swagger off television for a few weeks in hopes to bring him back under a new gimmick. Some people speculated he would come back as a babyface. To this day, we’ve yet to see Swagger return to WWE television.

It’s possible Swagger asked for his release so he could wrestle elsewhere. After all, wrestlers are paid more when they appear on TV and PPV events. Still, this is only a rumor and should be treated as such.

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