WWE Planning Stadium Sized Show In The UK

By Damian Seeto
Image from AccessibleGuide.co.uk

It has been reported that WWE officials will be heading off to the UK to discuss the possibility of holding a stadium sized PPV event in the near future.

They will be going to Cardiff, Wales to discuss with officials from Millennium Stadium about hosting a mega show over there. The stadium can fit over 75,000 people.

Earlier this year, WWE officials also met with representatives in London about a stadium sized event too. On top of this, they also discussed the possibility of hosting an event at Old Trafford in Manchester also. Old Trafford can hold up to 75,000 fans.

Although the WWE has visited the UK multiple times over the past two decades, they have only been in arena sized venues like London’s O2 arena. The last time the company held a stadium sized event outside of North America was way back in 1992 for SumerSlam. That event was held at the old Wembley Stadium and was sold out with over 80,000 paid fans.

It’s hard to predict that the company has in store, although a future WrestleMania event in the UK could be an historic achievement. WrestleMania has never been held outside of the USA or Canada before.

To avoid any spoilers, they will have to host the event live. If the event starts at 7pm in the UK, it will be broadcast at around 11AM PST or 2PM EST over in the United States. The company might lose some PPV buyrates because of this, although they would increase their fan base in the UK by hosting WrestleMania in the country for the first time.

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