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By Maurice D. Proffit
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Live on Pay Per View Tonight is the 9th annual TNA Turning Point.  TNA Turning Point is one of TNA’s original (main) pay per view (in addition to Victory Road) of the companies history. Similar to Survivor Series, the November annual show has brought us some very memorable (and controversial) moments. If you’re not sure, check out Turning Point 2007 for clarity.

Tonight’s show is stacked as a very substantial Pay Per View Card and on paper should deliver.


Match #1.) Non Title Match

ODB and Eric Young (TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions) vs Jesse and Tara

Summary: This will be “Big Brother” Jesse’s first PPV where he will be competing in a match. Between EY and ODB, they have light years of experience in the ring, compared to Jesse. I dont see how Tara and Jesse have any sort of an advantage unless they resort to shenanigans and shenanigans is how this match will end

Winner: Tara and Jesse


Match #2.)

DOC (Director of Chaos) of Aces of 8’s vs Joseph Park

Summary: We have finally seen a major Aces of 8’s reveal and its DOC. With this being another match of a talents PPV debut, this will fall much into his favor. Especially when you have the group on your side, the odds are with you.

Winner: DOC


Match #3.) X-Division Championship

Rob Van Dam (Champion) vs Joey Ryan

Summary: RVD won the X-Division title at Bound For Glory last month, and I don’t see them taking the strap off of him as of yet. Ryan has been developing a pretty significant following since his first outing on TNA Impact, but to hold gold, may be a bit pre mature. You can tell that the company has plans for him, for the long run, so it would be in his benefit to not win the title just yet.

Winner: RVD


Match #4.)

Devon vs Kurt Angle

Summary: This should be an explosive match, as both of these ring veterans will have their time to shine in the middle of the ring. I don’t recall these two ever going one on one with each other, so having this match will be refreshing for wrestling fans who have stuck with the sport for a long time. In addition Devon has a new offense, so there are many layers of originality with this.

Winner: Devon


Match #5.) NO DQ TNA Television Championship Match

Samoa Joe (Champion) vs Magnus

Summary: This feud has been one of my personal favorites that constantly gets overlooked. The back story of these two is interesting as they are former world Tag Team Champions with each other (both TNA and NJPW). In addition, what these two bring to the ring is hard hitting smart wrestling, which is a bit hard to find at times. But I think that Joe needs the belt more than Magnus and more mileage comes with him holding that title.

Winner: Samoa Joe.


Match #6.) TNA World Tag Team Championship

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (Champions) vs Kazarian and Christopher Daniels

Summary: Should be a fantastic match. All four of these men have a great amount of ring experience and in addition Daniels and Kaz have amazing chemistry and tell a great story in the ring with whomever they are standing across in the ring. However, I think that it will not be this feud but the next feud is which the team of Guerrero and Hernandez are exposed.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez


Match #7.)  #1 Contenders Match

Bobby Roode vs James Storm vs AJ Styles

This match will steal the show and will take us (as fans) places we’ve never been before. This is going to be a true treat being able to see three TNA originals go at it in a triple threat match. Roode is a strong heel on his own. He will be back at the top of the mountain with the world title, but Roode will not be pinned. The stipulation in the match (loser will not have a title shot until Bound For Glory 2013) is set up for Storm. Not as a punishment, but for him to build himself back up for a year, will make winning the world title that much meaningful. AJ must win this match.

Winner: AJ Styles


Match #8.) For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match

Jeff Hardy (Champion) vs Austin Aries

Summary: This will be another barn burner, and expected to even top the match at Bound for Glory. Jeff Hardy is the master of the ladder match and has shown how the ladder can be used in multiple ways. This match itself will be in Hardy’s favor overall, however, I believe that Aries has much more mileage as the companies champion than Hardy does. To have Aries as a full heel as champion is the direction that the company needs. In addition a feud with Aries and Styles for the world title is money.

Winner: Austin Aries (New Champ)


Tune in tonight for TNA Turning Point Live On PPV at 8pm est; 5pm pst.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports



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