You Want Me To Pay HOW MUCH For Wrestlemania Tickets?!

By Maurice D. Proffit
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If anyone is questioning how the general public is fairing during the recession, feel free to put your focus on the Pro Wrestling Fans? Because SOMEONE who is a wrestling fan is going to pick up a pair of some of the most obscenely prices Wrestlemania tickets I have ever seen.

Yesterday (11/10/2012) Wrestlemania 29 tickets went on sale to the general public (Friday 11/09/12 tickets were on sale with the special pre-sale code). It was reported earlier this week that Wrestlemania 29 tickets could go about as high as $2,000.00 for each ringside seat.  $2,000.00 for an event ticket is already a ridiculous amount of money. However (make sure you’re sitting down for this) Ticketmaster is currently selling what they are tagging as “Official Platinum Preferred Seats” that are going up to (wait for it) $9,000 for a pair! Yes, $9,000 for two row A seats at WrestleMania 29 in what is a good chance may have in climate weather since the show will take place at Met Life Center in New Jersey. The Ticketmaster site has 55 platinum seats listed starting from $1,500 all the way to $9,000.00.  The element that is perplexing is that not all of these “Official Platinum Preferred Seats” are first row ringside, some are in the risers which for some reason are also classified as platinum seats. I’m sorry but if I’m shelling out $9,000.00 for a couple of tickets for myself and my wife, I expect to be sitting NEXT to Justin Roberts!

The reality is, even if these tickets are prices at $10,000 even, they will be bought and more than likely Met Life Stadium will fill to capacity. I remember the days when looking t the ticket pricing and seeing $500.00 was the most expensive and that alone almost blew my lid. Geeeesh!


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports.


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