What Is Next For AJ Styles?

By Damian Seeto
AJ Styles Get Kicked At Turning Point
Image from ImpactWrestling.com

TNA Wrestling superstar AJ Styles competed in a triple threat match at TNA Turning Point to determine the number one contendership for the World Title. Sadly for Styles, he was the person who got pinned in the match and cannot fight for another championship shot until Bound for Glory 2013. What is next for the TNA veteran?

Styles’ opponents were Bobby Roode and James Storm. All three men were hungry for another title shot and Hulk Hogan gave them the opportunity a few weeks ago at IMPACT. Overall, it was an entertaining and unpredictable contest with lots of near fall and false finishers. In the end, Storm nailed Styles with the superkick winning the match and the title shot.

It’s interesting to see that TNA management does with Styles at this point. The man has wrestled for the company since its inception back in 2002 and has been World Champion for a record of four times. Not to mention he’s won every other title the company has to offer and has beaten and feuded with pretty much everyone on the entire roster. What could TNA do in 2013 to keep his character fresh?

It’s hard to predict what direction they will take Styles at this point, although it will be interesting if he were to become a member of the Aces & Eights gang. Most of the time he’s played a babyface character so it will be cool to see him become a heel again.

At this point, there are no reports of any real-life tension between TNA and Styles so it doesn’t appear that he will part ways with the company. It could all just be part of a storyline to allow him to rest up his body in 2013. They have 11 months to think of something interesting to do with him.

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