Stone Cold Steve Austin Says He's Fine To Wrestle Again

By Damian Seeto
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During an interview with Busted Open on Sirius XM 125/241, Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed that he is “100% fine” to compete inside a wrestling ring again.

Austin said in his own words:

“Once I had my fusion done in 2000 and I went into the recovery phase and then got back in the ring, everything was fine and dandy.”

Austin was forced to retire from in-ring wrestling action back in 2003 due to a neck injury he suffered back in 1997 when the late Owen Hart accidentally dropped him on his head. As time went by and many surgeries later, it appears Austin is no ready to at least wrestle one more match in the WWE.

Austin was also asked who he would like to face if he comes back for one more match. At the top of the list is CM Punk. He said he’d also like to face John Cena too. Triple H and The Undertaker were the other wrestlers he said he’d like to face again.

The likelihood that Austin is ready to compete as early as WrestleMania 29 looks slim however. Although his neck is ok, he had surgery on his knees earlier this year and is still recovering from that. Not to mention the event is already booked to have The Rock and Brock Lesnar on the show so there would be no room to schedule in an Austin return match on the card.

Fans will have to be patient and can hopefully expect to see him wrestle again at WrestleMania 30. Personally, seeing him wrestle either CM Punk or Cena will be interesting to see because he’s never faced them before. A match with Lesnar would be a dream match too if Lesnar is still with the company in 2014…


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