WWE Mocks Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack

By Damian Seeto
Paul Heyman Mocks Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack
Image from WWE.com

The WWE has been known to include controversial moments over the years. This week on Raw, it happened once again as a segment with CM Punk and Paul Heyman mocked the real-life heart attack that Jerry Lawler suffered just weeks ago.

Lawler returned to the commentary table for the first ever time since his heart attack in what should have been a happy moment. Sure, the crowd appreciated his return, although this did not stop the WWE creative team to turn his real-life ordeal into a controversial storyline segment for Raw.

Lawler was mocking CM Punk’s cowardly attitudes when Punk was talking inside the ring with Heyman. Heyman then started to cough and grab his heart the same way Lawler did when he was suffering a heart attack for real. Heyman then woke up and was laughing at Lawler.

I understand that both Heyman and CM Punk are heels and are supposed to be hated, but I thought this segment went way out of hand. Lawler nearly died for real from the heart attack and the WWE had no right to use this into a storyline.

The company tried to “remedy” the situation by bringing out Mick Foley to berate both Heyman and CM Punk for mocking Lawler about his heart attack. Still, the damage was already done and many people were already offended by the segment. Not to mention that some people (according to some comments on Twitter) turned their TVs off in disgust because if it.

A similar situation occurred six years ago when Randy Orton came out to mock Rey Mysterio and told him that the late Eddie Guerrero is “down there in hell“…

In the future, the company should learn not to integrate serious real-life issues for the sake of a storyline. Hollywood cuts scenes from movies that appear to mirror real-life incidents and the WWE should start doing the same thing.

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