Will The Miz Make An Awesome Babyface?

By Damian Seeto
The Miz as a babyface
Image from kayfabenews.com

The Miz has been wrestling for the WWE for over six years now. He has played a heel character ever since he stepped foot into the company. Now he will be in Mick Foley’s team at Survivor Series which is the start of a babyface run.

The Miz made a natural heel character thanks to his stint on MTV’s The Real World. He had a cocky attitude and was naturally someone that the fans loved to hate. Even behind the scenes, wrestlers like JBL felt that The Miz didn’t deserve to be there and was not a true “wrestler”.

Over the years, The Miz improved his ring-skills and the wrestlers in the back started to appreciate his hard work ethic. Because of this, the company even made him become the WWE Champion. Despite all of this, his title run was still seen as disappointing and he never reached the same level ever again.

Now, the WWE feels The Miz has reached his peak playing a heel character and they are wanting to give him a fresh start. The Miz does a lot of PR work for the company and will be releasing The Marine: Homefront movie next year too. To ensure the movie becomes a success, he needs to be liked by the fans.

It will be interesting to see if the company can truly convince fans to cheer for The Miz. He doesn’t have the traditional look for a babyface character and nor does he a move-set that amazes fans either. He’s always played a whiny and cocky character so it will be hard in my opinion to fully make the fans cheer for him.

Making The Miz a babyface will benefit him in the long run though. He’s never been quite the same wrestler ever since CM Punk rose to the top back in mid-2011. We will all have to wait and see if The Miz can make a convincing babyface when he wrestles at Survivor Series.

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