Who Will Replace Cody Rhodes At Survivor Series?

By Damian Seeto
Jack Swagger at survivor series
Image from theoshow.blogspot.com

As revealed earlier this week, Cody Rhodes injured his shoulder during a WWE live event and will be unable to compete at Survivor Series. According to a report from Wrestlezone, the company has already discussed plans for his replacement.

Rhodes was scheduled to be a part of Team Ziggler in a 5-on-5 traditional Survivor Series match at Sunday’s PPV. Obviously, his injury will keep him out of the match and it’s now highly unlikely Rhodes will be fit enough to compete in the match right now.

A name that has been put into the table to replace him has been Jack Swagger. Swagger has been off WWE television for a few months now and was scheduled to be brought back soon under a new character. The only reason that’s preventing him from being called up is because the company wants to make him a babyface when he returns.

A controversial name that has been discussed is Fandango. He is the new character that’s been played by NXT season four winner Johnny Curtis. Curtis has rarely appeared on either Raw and Smackdown so it will be an odd choice for him to replace Rhodes in a featured PPV match like this.

Another wrestler that has been named is Tensai. Much like Swagger, Tensai’s position in the company has fallen over the last couple of months. Wrestling in a high profile match at Survivor Series could be a great way to refresh Tensai for another push.

Knowing the WWE, it’s likely none of these wrestlers will replace Rhodes and someone else will appear at Survivor Series…

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