CM Punk Has Been WWE Champion For One Year And Counting

By Damian Seeto
CM Punk Survivor Series

It is now official. CM Punk has been the longest reigning WWE Champion since John Cena’s year-long run as champion back in 2006 – 2007. How long can Punk keep the title and who will be the one that will finally be able to get it off him?

To put this in to perspective, Punk has now held the belt for 365 days since he won it a year ago at Survivor Series 2011. This year, he was able to keep the belt in controversial fashion when NXT Superstars Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins interfered and beat down Punk’s opponents Ryback and Cena.

It’s amazing how far Punk has ascended on top of the WWE ladder in the last 18 months. The man was unhappy about his position in the company prior to July 2011 and was on the verge of leaving the company good. Ever since the famous incident at Money in the Bank 2011, he’s now one of the WWE’s most important and featured stars.

When Punk first won the championship last year, he was a babyface and overcame a lot of opponents. He cleanly beat the likes of Alberto del Rio, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan and others to hold on to the most prestigious title the company has today.

Punk has been lucky that Vince McMahon has been pushing for him to keep the title throughout 2012 and beyond. Earlier this year, it was reported some people wanted Bryan to get the belt off him back in May. Once Ryback entered the title scene last month, some people from behind the scenes wanted him to get the belt off Punk as well.

For now, Punk will stay as WWE Champion and could hold it until the Royal Rumble event where he will face off against The Rock. It’s highly likely The Rock will be the man to finally end Punk’s reign as champion, although this isn’t guaranteed. Still, he’s in the history books for now and he’s closing in on Cena’s 380 day reign as champion.

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