NXT Superstars Debut At Survivor Series

By Damian Seeto
NXT stars crash Survivor Series
Image from wrestlingforum.com

Three of NXT’s most promising prospects have finally made their official debuts to the WWE. As some of you may have already seen at the Survivor Series PPV that the trio came in and beat up Ryback and John Cena to allow CM Punk to retain the WWE Championship.

The three men were Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and current NXT Champion Seth Rollins. The WWE have been waiting to debut new talent from the NXT show for some time now and it appears that now was the perfect time to introduce some fresh new faces onto the main stage.

Rollins has been wrestling for a few years now and internet wrestling fans will know him when he was wrestling over at Ring of Honor. Rollins wrestled under the name of “Tyler Black” and is shaping up to be a name wrestling fans should look out for in the near future.

As for Ambrose, he’s been wrestling on the independent scene for a few years as well. Earlier this year, Ambrose started a “twitter war” with Mick Foley and fans thought he would make his debut to the company sooner rather than later. Sadly, nothing eventually happened between Ambrose and Foley although something could be brewing soon now that he’s part of the company now.

Reigns made his debut on NXT just a few short weeks ago and his physique and entire look impressed a lot of people. Unlike Rollins and Ambrose, Reigns did not wrestle in the independent leagues since he was playing football at the time. Still, he looks menacing and he’s also a part of the famous Anoa’i wrestling family. If things go right with Reigns, he could become as famous as The Rock one day.

For now, we will have to watch Raw to see if Punk and Paul Heyman brought these guys in to make a new heel faction. There has not been a main event stable in the WWE for a few years now and it will be beneficial for these three men to rub shoulders with the likes of Punk and Heyman to grow them as stars for the future.

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