Randy Orton Is Slowly Turning Heel

By Damian Seeto
Randy Orton As A Heel
Image from wrestling-match.com

Randy Orton has been playing a good babyface character for the better part of nearly three years now. Orton himself has felt his character has gotten stale because of this, but the WWE initially wanted to keep him as a babyface. Now it seems plans have changed and Orton is slowly becoming a heel.

The company prevented him from becoming a heel because they were scared that Smackdown ticket sales would suffer as a result of this since the only top tier babyface they have on the show is Sheamus. Orton argued that if he were to become a heel again, he could elevate new talent to become stars for the future.

Plans have already been set in motion for a complete heel turn, although it’s a process that will progress slowly. This was evident during Survivor Series when Orton was talking with Mick Foley. Foley was trying to motivate his team, but all Orton had to say to him was “I hate you“.

During the actual match itself, Orton went of his patented punt kick for the first time in many months. The punt kick was a move he often used as a heel to take out fan favorite wrestlers. He tried the move on Dolph Ziggler but he missed his chance and received a superkick and lost the match.

If Orton is slowly becoming a heel, this could mean that Ziggler is turning into a babyface. After all, he did not cheat during the Survivor Series match (nor did any of his teammates) and he looked like a heroic babyface overcoming all of the offense that Orton was dishing out to him in the latter part of that match.

We will have to watch in the coming weeks and months to see how this might all unfold.

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