The Dawn Of A New Day In The WWE? Or The New Dangerous Alliance?

By Maurice D. Proffit


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One thing that last night’s Survivor Series showed, which I really appreciated was the fact that we are now entering the beginning stages of a new era in the WWE. Despite some kinks in some of the booking in various areas, we saw a variety of the younger talent have a significant focus placed on them tonight. But with the young talent having the focus, and with much of the main buzz right now has to deal with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, who look to be linked to Paul Heyman, are we seeing the foundation being laid down for a NEW Dangerous Alliance?

First, last night’s Survivor Series, reminded me of the 1996 Survivor Series, from Madison Square Garden. As mentioned in an article of mine from last week, I’ve always felt as if the 96 Survivor Series was the seed that was planted for the Attitude Era. Afterall, this was in fact the pay per view of which Rocky Miavia (The Rock) would make his WWF debut. This was the pay per view where this wrestling audience was introduced to a more altered style of WWF Wrestling. In addition this is the pay per view in which Stone Cold Steve Austin showed that he can be a main event star. This was the Pay Per View that was the launching point of the future of the company. I feel that last night served that same purpose.

Second, my highlights last night pointed to both Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel being key components in their teams victories. Or how about Antonio Ceasaro getting the win? Sheamus, winning via DQ, but nevertheless, showing his unlimited strenght, endurance and toughness in the ring. Team Foley vs Team Ziggler I feel gave us the preview of both The Miz and Dolph Ziggler being tomorrows top main eventers. And of course CM Punk being the leader of them all. But to support this, we see the semi debut of the NXT guys of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rolling (And one more worker) who all assisted Punk in retaining his title. With a combination of CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Referee Maddox and these three from NXT, is this the beginnings of not only a new era in WWE, but (as mentioned earlier) the beginning of a new Dangerous Alliance?

In 1991, Paul Heyman was the lead of one of the most well known and intriguing factions named “The Dangerous Alliance”. This faction consisted of Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Larry Zybysko, Bobby Eaton and Steve Austin. The numbers are just about right and developing the type of faction that can keep things interesting for a while between now and Wrestlemania could be just what the doctor ordered. Even though we know that factions do not last long in today’s WWE, it could be a good brigde for a while. Something to consider.


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Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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