Can Tensai Become Relevant Again In The WWE?

By Damian Seeto
Tensai in the WWE
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When Matt Bloom (Tensai) returned to the WWE earlier this year, he was pushed to the moon and was in line to become one of the main focuses for the company in 2012. Bloom wrestled as Albert and A-Train over a decade ago but left to wrestle in Japan. Upon his return to the company back in April 2012, big things were expected from him.

Bloom was brought in under a new gimmick which fans will now know him as Tensai. The commentators were billing him as being a fresh, yet menacing new force in the WWE. Tensai soundly dominated Alex Riley upon his return and many thought Bloom’s career would flourish from then on.

Sadly though, the timing of his return was immediately diminished thanks to the return of Brock Lesnar on the very same night. Tensai became an afterthought, since fans were buzzing about Lesnar’s shocking return to the company, instead.

Despite Lesnar stealing his thunder, Tensai was still a prospect to look out for in 2012. He stayed undefeated for a few weeks and is one of the few people who beat John Cena this year. The WWE was even thinking of awarding him a WWE Title match against CM Punk at SummerSlam at one point.

As time went by, Tensai steamrolled over his opponents but the fans weren’t buying it. They kept on calling him “Albert” all of the time and his matches were average at best. It wasn’t long until the WWE realized that Tensai wasn’t getting over and his push was finally halted.

Tensai is now getting buried on a weekly basis, losing to the likes of Ryback all of the time. Not to mention he did not even last long in his Survivor Series match either.

Can Tensai come back and become the monster heel he was once? The only way he could do this is if he aligns with Paul Heyman again and return under the A-Train gimmick. Because if he doesn’t, it looks like he will be buried forever at this rate…

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