WWE Writers Are Watching TNA Wrestling

By Damian Seeto
John Cena And AJ
Image from thejohncenablog.blogspot.com

Reports have been coming in that WWE writers and employees are now watching TNA Wrestling to come up with ideas and storylines.

Watching the competition is nothing new in the professional wrestling industry, although it’s interesting to see the amount of similarities between the storylines seen in the WWE and TNA right now.

It all starts off with the way WWE is now using TNA’s video package narration like it was a reality TV show. TNA did this first with its Impact show now WWE is using the same technique on Raw and Smackdown. The copying of ideas doesn’t stop there however…

One of the biggest storylines in the company right now is the “AJ Scandal” involving AJ Lee and her alleged relationship with John Cena. TNA featured a storyline not too long ago that involved AJ Styles being accused of having a relationship with TNA President Dixie Carter.

The major story in TNA right now is the biker gang known as Aces & Eights wrecking havoc all over the company taking out any wrestler they want. This has been a major angle for the last few months and is still an ongoing storyline.

WWE must have seen this and has just introduced a very similar storyline with the NXT wrestlers coming in and taking out the wrestlers as well. They started out beating up on Ryback at Survivor Series and on Raw but now they have been targeting other wrestlers as well.

On a lesser extent, Eve started copying Madison Rayne’s “beauty pageant” style entrance by waving to the crowd…

It will be interesting to see if WWE starts copying more ideas from TNA in the future. Although TNA has copied ideas from the WWE in the past as well…

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