WWE Celebrating 50 Years Of The WWE Championship Title

By Damian Seeto
WWE Title Is 50 Years Old
Image from whatculture.com

May 2013 marks a monumental achievement for the prestigious WWE Championship. The oldest title in the company right now will turn 50 years old.

The first WWE Champion was Buddy Rogers who won the title back in 1963 during a tournament in Brazil. At the time he was billed as the first Worldwide Wrestling Federation world champion.

Most people will remember that Bruno Sammartino defeated Rogers for the title in May 1963 at Madison Square Garden. The beat him in a record 48 seconds and went on to hold on to the title for a record of nearly eight years. This is a record that is likely to stand for the test of time.

The company will celebrate the occasion in May 2013 and a DVD is already in the works for it. Other plans are currently being scheduled although details are unknown at this time.

It’s good to know the WWE are finally recognizing the importance of the title this time around. I remember back in May 2003, the company did not celebrate the 40th anniversary of the title in any way shape or form. Michael Cole just acknowledged it via commentary during a match between Brock Lesnar and Big Show at the Judgment Day PPV.

It will be interesting to see who will be the WWE Champion during this period. Can current WWE Champion CM Punk hold on to the title for that long. Will the company give the honors to John Cena instead?

In either case, hopefully by May 2013 they will finally decide to change the design of the belt. The ugly “spinner” look of the title has been kept since 2005. Despite rumors of the company changing the appearance of the belt through the years, nothing has actually happened…

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