Is Wrestlemania Now A Financial Threat To The Super Bowl?

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Back in 2004, the CEO/Chairman of the board of World Wrestling Entertainment Vince McMahon set in stone the plans that starting in 2007 WWE Wrestlemania will only take place in major professional NFL Football Stadium Fields. Wrestlemania 22 in 2006 was the last Wrestlemania that was held in a normal arena (The All State Arena In Chicago, IL). Since Wrestlemania has taken such an ambitious step in this direction, one would naturally ask, what draws more business? Wrestlemania or The Super Bowl?

Former WWE Champion Triple H, has been on the pre stages of the soon to be massive media circuit, promoting Wrestlemania 29, which will be held at MetLife Stadium (Home of The New York Jets and New York Giants). Triple H made the statement “The Super Bowl may be the most popular sporting event in the United States, but Wrestlemania sells more tickets” to the New York Post this week.

In terms of amount of seats sold, I will lean with this theory to be true. the platform is a black and white comparison when you take into consideration a 100 year football field that rest in the middle of a stadium, where as Wrestlemnaia has an 18 X 18 ring in the middle. So those seats that are being lost in sales, due to the football field, WWE makes up for it, since they can.

To create an argument of this favor of the National Football League, the WWE loses a lot of seats, due to the massive stage that is built for the entrance way for the wrestlers. Those are seats that the NFL does not lose out on and gets the edge. reports that Triple H’s claim of the WWE outselling the NFL, for the most part is in fact true. In five of six facilities where Wrestlemania has followed the Super Bowl, the wrestlers have had the better attendance. With WWE not surpassing the NFL with the Georgia Dome for Wrestlemania 27, being edged out by the NFL by a little over 1000 seats.

In addition, WWE is looking to add to their already Wrestlemania experience by enhancing their Wrestlemania Axxess. With Wrestlemania being a week log event, Axxess will cover both New Jersey Locations and New York locations. Triple H Stated:

“Wrestlemania Axxess, our fan event that goes on all week, is going to be revamped with a lot more meet-and-greets and autograph signings with our superstars. There’s also going to be a VIP experience that allows fans unprecedented access to backstage and the inner workings of what happens on a Monday Night Raw or Pay-Per-View event.”

If WWE Wrestlemania has been compared as the Super Bowl of sports entertainment events, WWE really is head of the game in this race. Makes you wonder if the people who at one time (and still do) treat professional wrestling as a non-entity laughing stock, one has to wonder if they are becoming the minority. Numbers never lie.


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports


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