Not Even Hurricane Sandy Can Stop Hulk Hogan Or Hulkamania

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Lately, the name Hulk Hogan has carried its fair share of controversy. One, with his very public and pretty tumultuous divorce process between himself and his ex wife Linda. And lately (reported here on Rant Sports) his name has been attached to the ever so infamous list of celebrities who have a “leaked” sex tape running wild over the internet. However, it is refreshing to hear and report of some information dealing with The Hulkster that actually wont make you feel like you need to take a shower after you get done reading about him. We have learned that the WWE Hall of Famer/ “General Manager” of TNA Impact Wrestling has come to the aid of a Hurricane Sandy Victim.

Reported from The Staten Island Advance newspaper, there was a story that was published about Hogan coming to the aid of a family who were severely hit by by the hurricane after losing their entire collection of wrestling memorabilia, which happened to included tons of merchandise signed by the Hulkster himself. In the aftermath of the hurricane and everything was either washed away or ruined (unfortunately) all of the collection.

Benny Fazio, the father of Pauly, who is the true Hulk Hogan fan, contacted the recently opened Hulk Hogan Beach Store and talked to the manager about his situation. The manager took it upon himself to contact Hogan and Hulk recorded a video message on Facebook for the family, called Pauley over the phone to talk to him and gave the entire family words of encouragement. In addition to the phone call, Hogan even sent the family a bunch of Hulk Hogan memorabilia all autographed to kickstart their collection again.

The Fazio’s met Hogan at a live TNA event last year (see the picture). I’m sure that in addition to that milestone moment, this kind jester would be up there as well. Its always great to see these selfless acts.


Maurice Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports

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