AJ Styles Might Turn Heel Soon

By Damian Seeto
AJ Styles Dropkicks Sting
Image from thesun.co.uk

AJ Styles lost the crucial number one contenders match at Turning Point made him unable to compete for the TNA World Heavyweight title for a long 11 months until Bound for Glory 2013. Many people were wondering what will Styles do next?

I mentioned in a previous article that there isn’t much left for Styles to do in TNA. The man has wrestled in the company ever since its inception in 2002 and has pretty much accomplished everything there is to do. Although it’s highly unlikely he will pack his bags off to WWE since TNA has treated him well for the past ten years.

Reports are coming in that Styles will be turning into a fully fledged heel character. It might be a slow process much like WWE is trying to do with Randy Orton right now. Still, fans should expect to see a different side of Styles come 2013.

Styles has a high-flying arsenal of moves and has never really played a heel character effectively in his ten years in the company. The only times I remember him as a heel, he was aligned with a group of other people. He teamed with Christian Cage a few years ago and he also joined a heel faction called “Fortune” not too long ago as well.

If TNA does things right, it might be a good idea to see him become a bad guy all on his own. Maybe he might face off against the popular babyface champion at Bound for Glory 2013 and sit on top of the mountain again?

For now, Styles remains as a babyface character and will face off against Christopher Daniels at Final Resolution “one last time”.

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