1 Ryback + 2 PPV Losses = 3 Championship Matches?

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy Of godsofwrestlingnews.com


Last night on WWE Monday Night Raw we (the WWE Universe) received word that the WWE Championship will be on the line at the next Pay Per View; WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs. CM Punk will put the title on the line against Ryback. No, this was not a typo he will be competing once again for the WWE Championship in a TLC match.

I understand that Ryback is the hottest rising face in pro wrestling right now. Most of the crowd really gets into him. He has a catch phrase. He has a million dollar look. What is there not to like? However, I just am struggling with the concept with Ryback having a shot at the championship for a 3rd time.

His  first WWE Championship match against CM Punk, at Hell In A Cell, already had much question around it. Was he deserving of being in the championship spotlight, so soon after re-debuting? Who exactly did he beat to be a significant title contender? The funny thing is that question still stands. In records, Ryback has lost the last two PPV’s for the WWE championship, however, before that the last time Ryback had a PPV match was at WWE No Way Out 2012, back in June. Please ask me who his Pay Per View Opponent was? Rob Grymes & Dan Delany. Yes, two jobbers. So you go from wrestling ham and eggers on the pay per view to getting three WWE Championship opportunities at three different pay per views in a row?

It doesn’t help the fact Ryback is not being booked in a 1 on 1 championship match. A Hell in a Cell, Triple Threat and a TLC match are gimmicked enough to hide your flaws if you are limited.

So what does that say? I guess three times really IS a charm.


Maurice D. Proffiit is a Writer For Rant Sports

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