Will Ryback Be Effective At TLC?

By Damian Seeto
Ryback TLC Poster
Image from wrestling.insidepulse.com

As announced on Monday Night Raw, Ryback will face off against CM Punk for the WWE Title at the TLC PPV. It will be in his first ever TLC match. Will the big man be able to make this type of match exciting?

If you are unfamiliar with the professional wrestling meaning of a TLC match, it means “Tables, Ladders & Chairs”. It was a match made famous by the tag-team division over 12 years ago and has excited many wrestling fans ever since.

The reason the TLC match was so popular was because smaller high-flyers made everything exciting by climbing on top of the ladders and then crashing through tables. Some of the names that are synonymous with this match type have been the likes of Edge, Christian and The Hardys, among others.

Punk is no slouch in the TLC match type either. His first encounter with this particular match type was at SummerSlam 2009. He was in the main event against Jeff Hardy that year in an exciting encounter. Punk also had another exciting TLC match last year beating The Miz and Alberto del Rio in the process.

But this is about Ryback and huge muscle men like him are usually ineffective with match types like this. Big men like Mark Henry and Big Show have been in ladder matches before, although not in a one-on-one contest. Big men usually cannot perform exciting moves like smaller guys can do in these types of matches.

Punk was able to carry Ryback to a somewhat halfway decent Hell in a Cell match not too long ago. It’s possible he could do the same thing again at TLC. Originally, the match was scheduled to be only a tables match. I guess the booking department thought a TLC match sell more tickets. In either case, let’s hope Ryback can deliver an exciting match since this is totally out of his comfort zone…

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