Hardy Boyz Reunion Planned In WWE Next Year?

By Damian Seeto
Hardy Boyz In WWE
Image from freepspwallpaper.co.uk

Matt Hardy said in an interview with Passing The Torch Radio that it’s likely we will see him reunite with his brother Jeff Hardy next year. What’s even more interesting about his answer is that he said it’s “very likely” the reunion will take place in the WWE.

The reason Matt thinks this is possible is because he’s a free agent right now. After he was released from TNA Wrestling a few years ago, he spent a few months cleaning up his life and has since been wrestling in the independent circuit. As it is right now, Matt seems more mentally stable than he was at the time he uploaded a suicide note on Youtube.

Jeff is, meanwhile, currently enjoying his time in TNA. Not only is he the current TNA World Heavyweight Champion, he’s the most popular wrestler in the company right now. Jeff’s contract with TNA expires in February 2013, which could open a window for his WWE return.

Is this all wishful thinking for Matt, though? Sure, the fans would love to see the Hardy Boyz back in the WWE. But has the company fully forgiven them for the mistakes both Hardys have made in the past?

Jeff is on two strikes in the WWE right now. One more suspension and he’s immediately fired. Also, TNA Wrestling has been treating Jeff a lot kinder than WWE has ever done. He’s the number one person in the company right now and is the current TNA Champion. Why would he want to leave all that behind come February 2013?

Matt is a similar story. He has not said any kind words to the WWE when he left the company a few years ago and even did a “shoot promo” against the company when he was employed in TNA. Not to mention that the apparent aforementioned suicide note on Youtube ruined his chances of returning to the company in a positive light.

Still, this is the WWE we are talking about here and Vince McMahon usually forgives past talent in the name of business. If he feels that a “Hardy Boyz” reunion in 2013 will make him money, then Matt’s prediction might come true after all.

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