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Counting Down The 5 Most Violent and Most Dangerous Matches Ever

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The Most Violent Matches In History

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In a couple of weeks, the WWE is showcasing their last pay per view of 2012. On December 16th, the 3rd annual Tables, Ladders and Chairs Pay Per View will be emulating live from the newly renovated Barclay Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA. But that night it will be the home of not only the WWE, but one of the most dangerous matches that the WWE has a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. The WWE championship will be on the line in this match as CM Punk will be defending the WWE Championship against the challenger and #1 contender, Ryback. As seen in past Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches, we have seen just pure mayhem from them. The Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian and The Dudley Boys revolutionized this match by stealing the show with their showcase of executing this match the correct way. Since then many men have tester their hands in filling those shoes as well. The TLC match test each of the contestants limits in terms of surviving such a brutal forum. Usually when involved in a match with dangerous stipulations, you have to only worry about 1 element. However, in a TLC match, you have to worry about three. With the nature of the heighted element of danger that looms in the TLC match, we felt it would only be appropriate to list our top 5 most violent matches of all time. Matches that have not only tested the limits of each athlete, but either made or shorten careers as well. Let’s see who made the list.

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#5) The Elimination-Chamber

elimination chamber
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This match debuted at the 2002 WWE Survivor Series, live from Madison Square Garden. Since then there have been 15 Elimination Chamber matches in WWE history and all of them have elevated the bar in terms of violence personified. The structure itself is 16 ft high, 36 ft in diameter, weighs over 10 short tons, and comprises 2 miles and 6 short tons of chain. In addition to the outter structure, the inner is just as damaging with steel floor platforms and bullet proof glass that make up the inner pods. The objective of the match is to eliminate each contestant until there is only one left standing, but is there really a winner?

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#4.) The Buried Alive Match

buries alive
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The Buried Alive match is one of the many “Undertaker Influenced” matches on the list. This match is one of his most infamous ones to date. The objection of this match is to fight your opponent over to the “graveyard area”, place your opponent in the grave and bury them with the dirt. This was introduced to the WWE audience back in 1996 when The Undertaker faced Mankind in this match. The odd fact about this match is that Undertaker has been in all 5 of the matches, but has only won once, when he tagged with The Big Show and won the tag team championship from The Rock and Sock connection. All other matches (Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince McMahon and Kane) he lost.

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#3.) The Scaffold Match

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The Scaffold Match is one of the most unorthodox and dangerous matches in all of professional wrestling. This match still stands out to this day as a very “beyond its time” match in terms of raising the element of danger. The match is a platform structure which is about 20 feet above the ring. The match starts out with all competitors at the top of the scaffold and the way to win the match is to throw your opponent off the scaffold into the ring! The first scaffold match was in 1971 in Memphis and there have been 22 in total.

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#2.) The Original Death Match

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The Original Death Match has to be one of the most infamous matches of all time. Just when you hear/read the stipulations of this match, you naturally cringe. In this match, the ropes are replaced with Barbed Wired. The ring is loaded with various random weapons for free use (chairs, boards, ply wood, bats, thumbtacks, glass, etc). The kicker, the ring is rigged with C-4 explosives. Completely mind boggling. This match was made famous by the hardcore legends Mick Foley and Cactus Jack in Japan. This match has only been done once on this high of a caliber, but has been modified in other ways as seen on ECW.

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#1.) The Inferno Match

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The inferno match was introduced to the WWE viewing audience in 1998 when The Undertaker faced his brother Kane at Unforgiving 1998 in this specialized match. Since this type of match was never introduced to the WWE audience before, it was an instant hook when the rules were announced. The only way to win this match is to set your opponent on fire. Which wouldn’t be hard since the ring is literally surrounded by fire. There obviously is no referee for this match (for safety reasons). There have only been 4 in its history, due to the violent nature of this match, not many have participated. Only 4 men have even been in this match. Kane, The Undertaker, Triple H and Montel Vontavious Porter. Kane as been in all 4. calls the Inferno match "possibly the sickest of all WWE matches”.