Current WWE Storylines To Appeal To "Twilight" Female Audiences

By Damian Seeto
WWE or Twilight
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Long time wrestling fans have been complaining online with the current AJ and John Cena relationship storyline. They feel it’s taking too much airtime and isn’t what professional wrestling should be all about. These fans may have to be patient since it’s a test for the WWE to lure more female viewers.

Not only are Cena and AJ involved in a relationship storyline, but Alberto del Rio and Rosa Mendes are too. It’s unknown how long these storylines will last but if they are successful, we may see more like-minded stories in the future.

It’s almost common knowledge that the majority of females like seeing relationships and love stories on both television and in movies. Look at how successful Titanic became. More recently, the Twilight movies/books have been successful too thanks to its rabid young female fan base.

One has to wonder if this strategy might alienate its older male demographic. Those fans want to see more action and wrestling like the days of the Attitude Era, and not relationship storylines. The ratings for Raw recently have been the lowest they have been since 1997…

It will be a hard task for WWE to try and lure more females to watch the product anyway. Professional wrestling has always been a male-dominated industry and is likely to stay like that for a very long time. The only way a huge chunk of females might watch wrestling is whenever The Rock shows up. Females think he’s attractive and he can lure more fans thanks to his Hollywood movie success. Although it will only be for a short-term because he is unable to stay on the WWE for very long.

Still for these storylines to really work, the company needs to get new wrestlers that are considered “attractive” to young girls such as Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are to the Twilight fanbase.

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